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My name is Tomasz Zaleski and welcome to my website. I am from Warsaw (Poland). Application documents, graphic advertisements and mailing campaigns are areas in which I have experience and skills. The desire to create, express myself and help others gives me satisfaction. That is why in 2018 I founded the MULT.PL website with the goal of writing CVs and cover letters for jobseekers, designing graphic advertisement and advertising posters, and providing mailing services aimed primarily at small enterprises, sole proprietorships and private individuals.

Having extensive experience in writing professional CVs and cover letters in accordance with applicable standards, I help increase your chances on the labor market. Professional CVs are usually created on the basis of self-designed graphic templates. Cover letters are written according to a strictly defined scheme, which can be read on the website. My recommendation is hundreds of written documents as well as satisfied and returning customers.

Graphic advertisements are designed in two types, as the most common advertisements in public space with tear-off contact details and advertising posters. Advertisements may be standard, designed only with the use of a text editor, and graphics created with the use of a graphics program.

Mailing campaigns are an offer addressed primarily to small enterprises and sole proprietorships. I offer constant cooperation in sending mailings to business recipients in compliance with the provisions of the GDPR. As part of the service, I offer the possibility of creating a graphic email template that will be correctly displayed in most email systems.

I approach each order individually, carefully listening to my clients, offering them good advice and ideas to best meet their expectations. I invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of services provided by me.

Services offered

  • Writing unconventional looking professional CVs in accordance with applicable standards.
  • Writing cover letters in accordance with applicable standards for a specific job.
  • Design of graphic advertisements such as tear-off announcements and advertising posters.
  • Writing texts to order in accordance with the applicable SEO rules, promoting the service or product.
  • Sending mailings to business customers targeted by industries, in accordance with the principles of the GDPR.
  • Creating a graphic email template that displays correctly in most email systems.