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Cover letter in the recruitment precess

A cover letter, along with a CV, is sometimes required by employers as a condition for admission to the recruitment process for a job. It is a formal document explaining the writer's motivation, submitted in the process of applying for a given job. It is addressed to a specific person or institution and consists of four or five short, concise and meaningful paragraphs, with a title and a signature.

It is assumed that a cover letter is required by the employer when it is mentioned in the job advertisement. This form of candidate presentation is usually not required when applying for a lower-level, blue-collar or unskilled job, and when applying for a temporary job. If the company we are applying to expects such a document - it is worth trying to write a cover letter so that an interesting offer does not pass over Us.

Cover letter scheme

A cover letter is a document written according to strictly defined rules. The illustration shows an exemplary diagram on the basis of which I write cover letters.

  1. Place and date of writing the cover letter.
  2. Name and surname and address of the candidate applying for the job position.
  3. The recipent of the letter is usually the name and surname of a specific person to whom the document is addressed or the name and address of the company's or institution's registered office.
  4. The polite word that begins the content of the letter: Szanowni Państwo lub Szanowna(y) Pani/Panie.
  5. The first paragraph informing about the type of job for which the author of the letter is applying.
  6. The following paragraphs (usually one or two) constitute the main content of the document, in which there are a few sentences about the candidate and the reasons for standing for a given job.
  7. The last paragraph usually indicates the willingness and readiness of the meeting to conduct an interview.
  8. The polite word at the end of the letter: Z poważaniem or Z wyrazami szacunku accompanied by a handwritten signature of the letter-writer or possibly the name and surname of the candidate in italics.
  9. Place for any attached attachments listed in the form of a list.
  10. The clause allowing the processing of personal data for the purposes of the recruitment process.

I will write a standard-compliant cover letter

I write cover letters only in Polish, based on a professional interview with You (e-mail, telephone, communicator - optional). I work in the free LibreOffice program, so that you can easily edit them later if needed, without incurring additional costs. Ready documents are sent in ODT (for self-editing) and PDF (ready for printing and sending to the employer). I use the language of benefits to increase your chances in the recruitment process. The offered cover letters are in line with the current trends. I guarantee that any corrections will be made after the purchase. In my documents, I use clauses on the processing of personal data in accordance with the GDPR. The turnaround time is up to 48 hours.

The price for the service depends on the professional experience of the candidate and the job offer under which the letter is written. For more information, please contact me.

Cost of writing a cover letter

Price for writing a cover letter depends primarily on the candidate's professional experience as well as the industry and job position for which they are applying. The greater the professional experience and the greater the requirements placed on candidates in the job offer, the price of the service increases. The price ranges from 100 PLN to 150 PLN. For more information, please contact me.

Job application and cover letter

A job application, like a cover letter, is a formal document sent to the employer. So what is the difference between these documents? We send job applications when the employer is not currently recruiting, while we send a cover letter when we apply for a specific position. In the job application, we focus on our qualifications and predispositions to work, and in the cover letter we refer to the specific requirements in the job offer. A job application is usually less detailed and slightly shorter than a cover letter, but like the cover letter, it should be formal, contain contact details and salutations.

I will prepare a job application for a job seeker. Principles of the service and prices are similar to the cover letter. For more information, please contact me.

About the service:

  • I write cover letters for a specific job.
  • I use advantage language to increase the chances of the candidate.
  • I write documents in accordance with applicable standards.
  • Documents are written in a concise and clear language.
  • I guarantee that any corrections will be made after the payment is made.
  • I send the finished documents in ODT (for editing) and PDF (for sending).
  • The turnaround time is up to 48 hours from the receipt of all information.