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Email marketing allows to reach new customers

The purpose of mailing campaigns is to reach customers potentially interested in our services or products. An indispensable element of sending mailings is the earlier targeting of customers by industry or place of residence or running a business, which allows to increase the effectiveness of the campaign.

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses email. It is one type of internet marketing where email is the main communication tool. However, it should be remembered that in accordance with the GDPR Act (General Data Protection Regulation), you cannot send mailings to e-mail addresses belonging to private persons without prior consent. Effective mailing campaigns must be carried out according to specific rules that will prevent the sent messages from being treated as spam and increase the chance of being read by the recipient.

I will send mailing to business clients

As part of the services provided, I can propose the promotion of services or products through e-mail marketing. I send mailings to company recipients, appropriately targeting them geographically (including voivodships, powiats or cities) and by industries. Sending takes place to e-mail addresses generally available in public digital catalogs. Campaigns are limited in number, which means the possibility of systematic, daily e-mails up to 100 messages. Once a week I will send you a PDF report with a list of e-mail addresses to which the offer was sent on a given day. I send the report by e-mail (e-mail, telephone, communicator - optional). Negotiated price. So if you are looking for an inexpensive way to promote your products or services through effective mailing, you've come to the right place.

Optionally, a weekly report containing a list of addresses to which the mailing was carried out, may be enriched with a database saved in a spreadsheet (ODT file) containing, next to the e-mail address, also the website address, company name, company headquarters address, including voivodship, poviat and commune, industry and phone number. This service is additionally payable.

Additionally, as part of the service, for an additional fee, I can design a graphic e-mail template in HTML format that will open correctly in most e-mail systems. Such a template may contain a stop-motion animation which positively influences the visual quality of the message in the eyes of the recipient. For more information, please contact me.

Price list of mailing sending services

The price list for sending mailing is determined for one message sent and includes the sending of the mailing and a report with a list of addresses to which the message was sent. The price for one sent message is as follows:

  • 0.06 PLN / email - sending text messages.
  • 0.08 PLN / email - sending graphic messages on a previously designed and paid template.
  • 0.10 PLN / email - sending graphic messages on a leased template, for which the customer does not pay extra.

The difference between the paid and leased template is that in the first case, the Client pays for it and gets access to the source code, while in the second case, it pays nothing, but pays 0.02 PLN more for each message sent. The cost of designing an email graphic based on my template is 200 PLN.

Mailing sending services are paid in the form of prepayment and settled on the basis of reports sent from the conducted mailing campaigns. For more information, please contact me.

About the service:

  • Mailing is sent to selected recipients in accordance with the GDPR.
  • I offer appropriate geographic or industry targeting of recipients.
  • At the client's request, I create a graphic email template in HTML.
  • Once a week I will send you a detailed report on my mailing campaigns.