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Traditional advertisements are not losing their popularity

Traditional paper-based advertisements, despite the development of the Internet and advertising portals, are not losing their popularity and we can easily meet them in the public space. However many of them are composed incorrectly, and there are even some handwritten ones. Advertisements unprepared graphically or made from a template along the least resistance line do not attract attention, and sometimes they bring the effect of turning back from the intended one, discouraging potential recipients from reading the content.

Advertisements "on the pole" with tear-off cards with contact details of the advertiser, is a very popular type of announcements today, allowing you to reach with an offer from people who less often use modern forms of communication. A well-designed advertisement allows you to attract the attention of passers-by and thus attract new customers. The advantage of this form of advertising is the low cost associated with the design and printing of advertisements. However, it is important to remember to put up such advertisements in designated places, because failure to comply may result in a fine.

Banks of photos and images

For the purposes of my projects, I use free photo banks that allow me to use photos for commercial purposes. The database of such photos is limited, which means that I will not always be able to choose the right graphics. In such cases, I suggest my clients buy photos from paid banks such as Depositphotos, Shutterstock, etc.

I will design a professional looking advertisement

The service is aimed at both private persons and entrepreneurs. I design two types of advertisements to choose from: standard, created in a text editor and graphic (with a background) created primarily in a graphics program. I work in the free LibreOffice and Gimp programs, which allows to reduce the costs of possible subsequent editing of such an advertisement. As part of the service, I also offer the design of simple graphics or icons that can be placed in the advertisement. I enable online preview of the finished project so that you can see what your advertisement will look like and submit any comments. Finished projects are sent in ODT (for later editing) and PDF (ready for printing) formats. The implementation time is up to 48 hours.

The text in advertisements is placed at such a distance from the edge to prevent it from being cut off. Therefore, as standard, all designs are created without the use of printing bleeds. At the client's request, I use standard 2 or 3 mm bleeds on each side. Please submit such a suggestion before starting the project. Besides, all projects are created in the RGB color model. However, for large-format printing, I can convert to CMYK using standard ICC color profiles (for JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIF, TIFF, PSD). I convert PDF documents only using online services. If the customer does not choose the color profile according to which the project is to be converted, then I convert using one of the ISO 12647 profiles, as they are the most commonly used technologies in large-format printing.

Before placing an order, I encourage you to read the sample draft announcements. When ordering a classic advertisement, it is possible to design based on an available template. On the other hand, graphic advertisements are usually designed from scratch. For more information, please contact me.

Cost of designing a graphic advertisement

The price of designing a graphic advertisement such as a tear-off advertisement or an advertising poster depends on the selected template, available in the gallery, and the individual preferences of the Client. The final price for creating a professional graphic advertisement will be between 100% and 150% of the price given for the selected template, i.e. when ordering a design based on a template whose price is 100 PLN, the customer will not pay more than 150 PLN.

Transparent prices with no hidden costs

The prices of all available ads templates are available in the gallery. In order to provide the service, an advance payment is required, depending on the type of template selected. Below is the price range for individual templates along with the amount of the required advance payment:

  • Textual templates: price from 100 PLN to 110 PLN, advance payment required: 30 PLN.
  • Graphic templates: price from 120 PLN to 130 PLN, advance payment required: 40 PLN.
  • Half2Half templates: price from 140 PLN to 150 PLN, advance payment required: 50 PLN.
  • Realistic templates: price from 160 PLN to 180 PLN, advance payment required: 50 PLN.
  • Graphic templates: price from 110 PLN to 120 PLN, advance payment required: 40 PLN.

The required advance payment is non-returnable when the Client resigns from the service after its implementation has started. The advance payment is deducted from the total amount to be paid at the time of payment. For more information, please contact me.

About the service:

  • I create advertisements with a unique graphic design.
  • I offer a large selection of self-designed advertising templates.
  • On request, I can correct the text in terms of grammar.
  • The text in the advertisement is concise and transparent for the recipient.
  • I enable online preview of the project before making the payment.
  • Finished projects are sent in ODT (for editing) and PDF (for printing).
  • I guarantee that I will make any corrections after making the payment.
  • The turnaround time is up to 48 hours from the receipt of all information.