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Professional CV increases the chances of an employee

The changing labor market, the development of new technologies, changing world trends and social moods all force companies to change, and employees to seek new employment more and more often. Strong competition on the labor market forces employees to acquire new competences and experiences. Therefore, a very important issue is correctly written application documents that allow you to distinguish a candidate from hundreds of others.

Research conducted in the United States by one of the employment agencies shows that the recruiter spends about 5-7 seconds per CV. Admittedly, recruiter is trained to do so, but it is still not enough time to read the information about the candidate. On average, there are about 250 CVs per advertisement, although there are also situations when there are many more CVs. It is similar also in Poland. Sometimes, the invitation to an interview is determined not only by the competences of the candidate himself, but also other issues, such as an unconventional and transparent CV, drawing the attention of the recruiter. So why not help fate?

Information needed to write a CV

Before you commission a resume writing service, think about what your CV should look like and what should be included in it, and prepare the appropriate information. Start by choosing a CV template from the gallery. Remember that in the presented templates, with few exceptions, you can change the color or choose the font.

Take care of the right business photo, remembering that it builds your image in the eyes of the employer. Try to be neatly dressed on it, not to slouch and look directly at the lens. Prepare the contact details that are to be included in the document (name and surname, address with street and house number, telephone number and email address - preferably with the name and surname in it).

In the next step, prepare information about completed schools and courses. If you are at the beginning of your professional career and you do not have a lot of experience, you can expand this issue further, e.g. by providing the profile of the class you attended, olympiads in which you participated or the title of your master's thesis. If you are a specialist, focus on completed universities and vocational courses. In the next step, prepare the entire employment history in reverse chronological order, giving the names of the positions held, the scope of duties and possible achievements and promotions. Finally, if your future employer requires a separate GDPR clause to be included in the CV, usually along with the name of the employer, attach it to the documents.

I will write a professional curriculum vitae

I have extensive experience in writing professional CVs (curriculum vitae). CVs are written in Polish, on request I also translate it into English. I write documents on the basis of the information sent to me or a professional interview with you (e-mail, telephone, communicator - optional). I work in the free LibreOffice program, so that you can easily edit your CV yourself, if necessary, without incurring additional costs. I send the finished documents in the ODT format (for later independent editing) and PDF (ready for printing and sending to the employer). Before buying, I allow you to preview the finished document online so that you can see what your CV will look like and submit any comments. I guarantee that any corrections will be made after the purchase. In my documents, I use clauses on the processing of personal data in accordance with the GDPR. The implementation time is up to 48 hours from the moment of providing all the necessary information to be included in the CV. For more information, please contact me.

types of CV templates offered

Each of the available CV (curriculum vitae) templates has been carefully designed to build a positive image of the candidate in the eyes of the recruiter. The offered template families are presented below:

  • STANDARD templates are distinguished by a classic content layout as well as simplicity and low price. Dedicated primarily to people at the beginning of their professional career.
  • COMMERCIAL templates are a compromise between elegant design and attractive price. Dedicated to people who value classic style emphasizing the qualities of the candidate.
  • ORIGINAL templates are distinguished by an extraordinary design that will attract the attention of many recruiters. Addressed to people with above-average personality.
  • METROPOLITAN templates are characterized by a beam background referring to metropolitan life. They will appeal to anyone who loves the bustle of a big city.
  • GRADIENT templates derive their elegance from the play of colors. They are chosen by people who want to present themselves in an unconventional and at the same time elegant way.
  • FREELANCE templates are designed to highlight the characteristics and skills of the candidate in a subtle way. Addressed to self-confident people who are specialists in their industry.
  • PATTERNED templates are characterized by an original and elegant beam background. Dedicated primarily to people who value professionalism and achieve success in professional life.
  • BUSINESS templates have been designed to emphasize the professionalism of the candidate. Addressed to people who are successful in professional life.

In each template available in the offer, apart from a few exceptions, it is possible to change the color and type of font. The desire to individualize the selected template should be reported at the time of ordering. For more information, please contact me.

Cost of preparing a professional CV

The price for writing a professional CV depends primarily on the selected template on the basis of which it is to be written. In addition, the price may be affected by a surcharge for the provision of incomplete information, requiring more time to prepare it, and a discount granted discretionarily by the person preparing the project, as well as periodic promotions. The maximum price for the preparation of a professional CV will therefore be 110% of the price of the selected template, i.e. when ordering a CV based on a template, the price of which is PLN 200, the customer will not pay more than PLN 220.

Transparent prices with no hidden costs

The prices of all available CV templates can be found in the gallery. In order to provide the service, an advance payment is required, depending on the selected type of template. Below are the price ranges for individual templates along with the amount of the required advance payment:

  • Standard templates: price from 100 PLN to 120 PLN, advance payment required: 30 PLN.
  • Commercial templates: price from 130 PLN to 150 PLN, advance payment required: 40 PLN.
  • Original templates: price from 130 PLN to 150 PLN, advance payment required: 40 PLN.
  • Metropolitan templates: price from 160 PLN to 170 PLN, advance payment required: 50 PLN.
  • Gradient templates: price from 160 PLN to 180 PLN, advance payment required: 50 PLN.
  • Freelance templates: price from 160 PLN to 180 PLN, advance payment required: 50 PLN.
  • Patterned templates: price from 180 PLN to 200 PLN, advance payment required: 50 PLN.
  • Business templates: price from 180 PLN to 200 PLN, advance payment required: 50 PLN.

The required advance payment is non-returnable when the Client resigns from the service after its implementation has started. The advance payment is deducted from the total amount to be paid at the time of payment. For more information, please contact me.

Additional surcharges and discounts

In exceptional situations, an additional fee may be added for the service, when the person commissioning the CV sends too little information about the course of his professional career or completed courses and education, and which must then be supplemented with information obtained from the Internet. This activity can be time-consuming and does not always bring the desired result. In such cases, the additional fee will be charged individually and amount to 5% to 10% of the template price.

However, in a situation where the person ordering the service provides all the necessary information that should be included in the CV and thus facilitates the work of the person preparing the project, he will receive an individually granted discount of 5% to 10% of the template price.

Discount for an internet business card

Each client who has used the service of writing a professional CV is entitled to a discount on the purchase of an online business card. An internet business card is a visually attractive website with basic information about a person or business activity along with contact details, created on the basis of a previously designed template. More information and available templates can be found here. The discount is 50% of the purchased template price. The discount is valid for 12 months from the moment of using the service. For more information, please contact me.

About the service:

  • I write a professional CV that increases the candidate's chances on the job market.
  • I offer a large selection of self-designed graphic templates.
  • All projects have an individualized graphic design.
  • The application documents are written in concise and clear language.
  • I help to edit the text in accordance with the applicable standards.
  • I allow you to preview the finished document online before making the payment.
  • I send the finished documents in ODT (for editing) and PDF (for sending) formats.
  • I guarantee that any corrections will be made after the payment is made.
  • The turnaround time is up to 48 hours from the receipt of all information.